Generally from Moscow, but now temporarily in Bishkek. I started my career in 2010 studying design on my own. I worked in studios and startups, and now I work in IVI, one of Russia's largest streaming video services.

I value balance in my work. I think about people, but I do not forget about business goals. I improve UX and appreciate beauty. Growing metrics and remembering that numbers don't always reflect what a product is for people.

I think of the product as my personal project. It helps to look at the product whole and strategically from the owner's position.

How can I help

Since I have different backgrounds, I can work in different ways, adjusting to the team and the overall pace.

In a mature product, I will analyze and get acquainted with the history of research and tests. I will suggest ideas for the product, make the design, prepare it for development, and help product managers and developers implement improvements. I will analyze the results later.

In a startup, I can help formulate the final vision of the product. I will assemble an MVP model, break the design into releases, and form the foundation for the future design system.

The primary tool I currently work with is Figma, before that, I used Sketch and earlier Photoshop. I prototype interfaces in Figma and Protopie, occasionally AE. Sometimes I create simple 3D illustrations in Cinema 4D. If necessary, I will make a design for Redimag, Webflow, Unbounce, or another similar tool and assemble layouts in it. I can create simple layouts using pure HTML/CSS. From time to time, as a hobby, I study JS and Python.

Work as a Designer in total. I count the beginning of my career from my first job

Work as a Product UX/UI Designer. Including 6 years in startups and 3.5 for large companies

Work as a Lead Designer. Hire people, review, mentor, and help them to grow up


I’ve completed throughout my career. It includes all types of projects: for actual products and concepts

I am always open to suggestions. If you have a product at any stage or are just planning to start development, write to You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and my work on Behance and Dribbble.